Reinforcing Steel

  • A casting unit based in Aurangabad with an aggregate debt of Rs. 100 crore from three co-operative Banks was making losses for last two Financial Year

  • Lenders referred the NPA account to DASPL for operational and financial revival

  • DASPL analysed the realistic financial and operational plan, prepared a realistic projection, Showcased the Company to financial and strategic investors

  • As a part of resolution strategy the loans were assigned to the ARC where the account was restructured and the Company was revived

Strengthening Banks

  • DASPL was appointed as resolution agent for Bank of Maharashtra portfolio of 110 cases spread across 9 regions having aggregate debt of Rs. 400 crore

  • Due diligence undertaken with two months from appointment as resolution agent in all 110 cases

  • Site visit undertaken at 222 locations spread all across the country

  • Presentations given to Head Office/ Zonal Office for stream lining resolution strategy and to expedite recovery

  • Within 6 months of appointment DASPL facilitated recovery of Rs. 30 crore.

Research Based Resolution

  • The Team conducted thorough due diligence for each account which were non performing for over two decades

  • Since the accounts were dated as back as 1970s, a detailed research was undertaken by the team for bridging the information gaps spread across different decades

  • The Team read through the files and documents, undertook meetings with lenders, borrowers/guarantors, advocates, conducted site visits of all the properties (Including personnel assets of borrowers/guarantors)

Saving Milk from getting spoiled

  • A processing unit located in Kolhapur engaged in procurement of milk and manufacturing of Butter, Cheese, Whey Proteins, condensed milk having capacity of 6 lacs litres per day with aggregate total debt of Rs. 122 crores from two Banks

  • The company was making losses and running operations on marginal scale. The debt was subsequently assigned to two ARCs

  • DASPL as resolution agent for one of the ARC facilitated negotiation and restructuring of the debt thereby reviving the unit

  • The account was restructured by DASPL with viable repayment schedules to be paid over period of 5 and 8 years in respective ARCs in convenient ballooning schedule and conversion of part of debt to equity with buy back options